Term of use

1. Terms
Welcome to Canh Cam Co., Ltd’s website (Canh Cam). This website and services offered on this website are owned by Canh Cam Co., Ltd. Using our websites and its services means that you accept these agreements below (Terms of use agreement). If you do not accept to be bound, please kindly discontinue use of our website or services.

We reserve the right to modify the terms of use agreement from time to time. You should frequently review the Terms of Use agreement at any time you enter our website. Your continued use of our website and services following any such modification represent your agreement to be bound and acceptance of agreement as so modified.

2. Services and our duties
  • Our services are services posted on this website (Service)
  • We reserve the right, without any prior notice, modify our service
  • We also reserve the right to change or delete information that you provide to ensure that information registered complies with our website’s policy
  • We will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused by lack or inaccuracy of information on website.
  • You understand and agree that your user ID and password should be kept secure and remain confidential.
  • You must inform us immediately if you believe that your password has been disclosed.
  • We reserve the right to suspend temporarily or permanently your access to our websites and service if we determine, in our sole discretion, that you have posed a threat to our website or violated this Agreement.
3. Your responsibilities and duties

You need to agree with The Terms of Use Agreement, represent and warrant that all registration information you submit is accurate and you are entirely responsible for the accuracy of this information.

You are also fully responsible for protecting your password and accessing to your account using your password by you directly or indirectly logging in.

4. Eligibility( Age restriction)

Everyone can access this website. However, if you want to register to be a Member to post information on website, you should be at least 18 and be responsible for your own behavior.

5. Use of content on Website

Contents on this website can be printed out or sent to others. You cannot modify, sell or transfer any information on this website for commercial purpose.

6. Member’s registration

  • Registering to become a member is free of charge.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to post information on website if we determine, in our sole discretion, that your information provided is not reliable. You can re-subscribe after 2 days if you do not see your registration form on website
  • Each member can only register one account. If Member violates this, we will delete registration  of this member.
7. Update customers’ information

Members are entirely responsible for updating their own information. Using their user IDs and passwords when applying to update your information and picture by clicking on the Menu “ Update information” on our Website. Members can also delete their application if they need.

8. Prohibition

You agree not to breach these prohibited terms as outlined below:
(a)  Providing information that violate laws, or cause harm to other businesses.
(b) Using any information obtained from website in order to send email or advertisements without receivers’ permission.
(c) Providing information or images owned by other objects and protected by local and international laws

9. Products and services of third party objects

We are not responsible for any damage from by products & serviced registered or advertised on this website, in direct or indirect ways.

10. Report on violation

If you figure out any information on website which violates your product’s brand name that you have ownership, please inform us immediately.

11. Applicable laws

You agree that commercial or non-commercial activities above and through this website must comply with Vietnamese law and other international laws that Vietnam has signed up. Whenever new policies or regulations are issued or applied, they will be applied to all Members of this website.