Privacy policy


Canh Cam Design and Consultancy JSC (Canh Cam) understands that customers are also interested in how their personal information given to us will be kept confidential and be utilized.  We are grateful to have your creditworthiness and commit that we will try our best to secure these data. We will use this information in the most appropriate manner in order to continuously enhance the quality of service

1. Customers’ personal information collected

In order to use some services at our company, please kindly provide basic information such as : email, full name, phone number, address and other details. This registration form will help us confirm your requests.

We also save any information you enter on our website or send email to us. This information will be used to respond to customers’ requests, provide suitable proposal for each customer, improve the quality of goods and services as well as contact you when necessary.

2. Using information

The purpose of accumulating information is to provide the best services for customers. It will be used for these activities below:
  • Send newsletter introducing brand new products and promotions from Canh Cam
  • Offer new facilities and support services to customers
  • Enhance the quality of customer service in Canh Cam
  • Resolve issues or any disputes related to the use of website
  • Avoid illegal activities against Vietnam law
3. Information sharing

We understand that information about customers is an important part of business nowadays and they will not be allowed to trade or exchange to another third party. We will not share customers’ information except for some specific cases below.
  • To protect Canh Cam and other third parties: we only provide account’s information and other personal details when making sure that providing these data is compliant with laws and does not violate interests and assets of Canh Cam’s users and third parties.
  • Legal request from authority’s agents or in cases that we believe this kind of action is necessary and appropriate in accordance with law’s requirements.
  • For other cases, we will give customers  a prompt notice when disclosing your information to other third party and this information will be provided only if customers are consent to information sharing, for example in promotion campaigns with Canh Cam’s partners or sending necessary information to transportation firms.  That will not include sales or exchange of information, leading to a disclosure of customers’ personal information for commercial purposes, which violates commitments set by Canh Cam’s Security and Privacy statement of Customers’ information.
4. Privacy of customers’ information

One of the most important things is to self-protect when using the public computers with others .For security reason, you should ensure that you log out of your account after using our services.

We commit that we do not intentionally disclose customers’ personal information, do not trade or share information of Canh Cam’s customers for commercial use, which violates our commitments with customers in compliance with Canh Cam’s Security and Privacy statement of Customers’ information.