Godaco: MSC certificates help our clams to reach out to consumers worldwide

Godaco Seafood (Godaco) has been processing and exporting clams for more than 20 years. Currently, the company exports about 15 containers to Europe each month. So year to date the company has exported 3,300 tons of clams. 

Clams exported to European markets are usually whole clams, while those exported to Japanese market are mostly clams meat with total export volume per month averages 15 tons. Year to date exported volume reaches 200 tons. Currently, the global clams demand is strong but the local supply of raw materials is not enough to meet the demand.

Farming and processing of clams in Ben Tre is among the first aquaculture of Vietnam and Southeast Asian that received MSC. Clams in Ben Tre are harvested by hand and small rakes with net to get clams with correct size, and leave out smaller clams intact. The size for rakes and nets must be of similar size and meet environmental and sustainable quality standards. This is a deciding factor for the sustainability of clams farming in Ben Tre and for the MSC certificates. Mr. Nguyen Van Dao, CEO of Godaco said “Hence, MSC certificates help our clams to reach out to consumers worldwide”.

Nguồn: Vasep.com.vn
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